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About Southern Cross Consultancy

What We Do

Southern Cross Consultancy is a customized education consulting firm, specializing in whole school improvement, differentiated job embedded coaching and free online classroom resources.

Our consultants work with your K-12 school teams and individual teachers and leaders to collaboratively analyze data, facilitate the design of individualized professional learning solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your school, establish goals and action plans and monitor their implementation. This is achieved with a strong emphasis on working collaboratively in a coaching role to ensure effective refining of pedagogy and leadership skills.

Most importantly, we firstly listen to, and ascertain your needs, customizing specific professional learning experiences to best suit your school's particular context. At Southern Cross Consultancy, we pride ourselves on our coaching work being job embedded, data driven, customized and outcomes based with the ultimate focus being to maximize student achievement. 

Our Mission

At Southern Cross Consultancy, our mission is to build high impact teaching and leadership practices to transform student achievement. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that - 

  • Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their circumstance
  • Quality teaching makes the difference to student achievement

Our Goals

Our goals at Southern Cross Consultancy are to - 

  • Provide differentiated professional learning and actionable feedback through highly individualized, job-embedded, school based coaching of K-12 educators, with the sole focus of maximizing the achievement of all students and improving teacher and leader quality 
  • Refine and strengthen teacher and leader effectiveness and consequently improve student outcomes
  • Promote all teachers and leaders having access to effective, continuous and constructive feedback throughout their careers
  • Focus all schools on continuous teacher/leader performance feedback, growth and improvement