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Quality Teacher Coaching

Southern Cross Consultancy is a New York City accredited contracted vendor and offer a number of types of expert consultancy -

  • Quality Teacher Coaching for K-12 teachers
  • Workshops/Retreats/Institutes and
  • High Impact Instructional Leadership for Principals and leadership teams 


    Quality Teacher Coaching involving:

    • Tailored, differentiated, one on one coaching and mentoring for each teacher (informed by students' data and teachers' expressed areas of need)
    • Demonstrating, modeling, co-teaching and coaching ( Gradual Release of Responsibility Model)
    • Collaborative Teaching Study cycles, involving lab sites with pre-conferencing/teaching/post-conferencing components
    • One on one practical feedback, focused on collaboratively crafting each teacher's effective teaching practices
    • Differentiating professional learning experiences for grade and vertical teams based on students' and teachers' needs driven by school and systemic data



      Our consultants expertly facilitate research-based workshops and professional  learning sessions with teachers, coaches, Principals, Assistant Principals, Superintendents/Regional and District leaders, including topics such as:

      i)    Effective Teaching Workshops
      • Looking at Student Work with protocols: Mathematics/Literacy
      • Effective Teaching & the Common Core State Standards
      • Differentiated Instruction: What Does it Really Look Like?
      • Using Assessment to Drive Instruction
      • Refining my Questioning and Discussion Techniques
      • Rigor and Higher Order Thinking in the Classroom
      • Developing Rigorous Curriculum Maps
      • Building Number Sense through Number Talks K-2/3-5
      • Cognitively Guided Instruction: Story Problems K-2/3-5
      • Teaching Fractions with Understanding
      • Mathematically Proficient Students & the 8 Math Practices
      • Writing Mathematically: Using Math Journals
      • Diagnostics & Intervention/Enrichment: Response to Intervention (RtI)
      • Implementing Reading/Writing Workshop components
      • The Reading Curriculum
      • Running Records 101
      • Close Reading
      • Reciprocal Reading
      • Word Work/Vocabulary
      • Monitoring Reading Comprehension strategies
      • Helping Children with Reading/Writing Difficulties

        ii)   Effective Leadership Workshops/Packages

        • Instructional Rounds- school, network, district series 
        • Building Teacher Capacity through Actionable Feedback
        • Data Driven Whole School Strategic Planning
        • Building Distributive Leadership: How to Develop Teacher Ownership
        • Building and Implementing a Data Driven, Teacher Owned Yearly Professional Learning Plan
        • Implementing a Teacher Effectiveness Framework
        • Suite of Leadership Modules: Strengthening and Developing Leadership Capabilities and Skills
        • Coherency & Change Leadership

           iii)  Retreats/Institutes

          Our expert consultants regularly facilitate research-based professional learning retreats, ranging from full day retreats to year long series of multiple sessions. We also facilitate institutes throughout the year focused on particular content areas. Some of these have involved:

          • Networks of Mathematics/Literacy Coaches
          • Whole School Retreats for Strategic Planning (informed and driven by school and systemic data)
          • Building Whole School Assessment Frameworks aligned to Common Core State Standards
          • Whole School Curriculum Mapping
          • District/Regional Team Retreats
          • Monthly Content Institutes in Districts/Regions/Networks
          • Monthly Collaborative Learning Pods- small groups of schools sharing professional learning


          Content Focused or Leadership Coaching Packages

          Other workshops are available on request, as per individual school and teachers' needs. Importantly we offer several powerful professional learning designs where we provide follow-up coaching in schools after the workshop to ensure the immediate transfer to the classroom setting.

          Southern Cross Consultancy offers various professional learning packages as well as custom options based on your school's individual needs. To find out more about package pricing, please fill out the form below.


          What Principals Are Saying About Southern Cross Consultancy Coaching

          "Our SCC education consultant is an expert in building trusting relationships with each teacher, the foundation of which is still there today as together we grapple with the expectations of the Common Core Standards. With her background in leadership, she also is able to weave various aspects of Whole School Reform within these professional learning sessions, all based on data-informed instruction." - Principal, Brooklyn NY


          "From the beginning, we worked collaboratively to develop and share the vision, enlist the teachers in the learning process and build teacher leadership through data-driven professional learning experiences. The results have been profound on teacher practice and knowledge." - Principal, Bronx NY


          To get coaching in your school or to find out more, simply fill out the form below.