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Mathematics Classroom Website Resources

Count Me In

Interactive games useful for mini lessons, intervention and guided math sessions.

Dice Simulator

A useful dice simulator for traditional six-sided dice which can be used for playing your own games. Can use up to 6 dice.

Kids Place A range of mathematics games at Roz's Math-a-rama.  Grades K-6.
Harvey's Home Page Games and activities focused on building Number Sense.
Smart Kids Study Ladder Interactive Math Games. 
Big Brainz Cool Math Games Range of basic facts Math Games.
Chart Go Chart and Graph Creator
Online Math Games Free online Math Games for all ages.
Copacabana State School Math Website Australian school’s website (NSW) – a wonderful platform that links to hundreds of interactive games and activities for Kindergarten through to grade 6. Can be easily linked to Common Core (USA).
Slideshare IPAD usage 62 interesting ways to use an IPAD in the classroom.
Cyber Safety
School A to Z - Cyber Safety Australian site with practical tips about cyber safety.
Cyber bullying web quest Grades 3-6 Comic web quest about ways to keep safe online.
Cyber bullying web quest Grades 6-8 Cyber bullying web quest.
NetSmartzKids National center for missing and exploited children website with a variety of safety tips about using the internet.