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Grade K Math CCSS Games Packet (over 100+Games!)

Grade K Math CCSS Games Packet (over 100+Games!)


This exciting and practical Common Core collection features over 100 hands-on games, Math centers and activities. Trialled in multiple classrooms over the last ten years, this resource has been developed by our expert Math consultants specifically for teachers in supporting students to learn the Standards in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The "I Can" format reinforces the student-friendly instructions, reinforcing student independence. 

These games have been designed so that you can print them in black and white or color and are easily implemented in your classroom. The format of the file is delivered in zipped folder containing all of the games as individual pdf files. 

Games Included in the Packet -

Number Jigsaw Puzzles to 10
Running Home

Next Door Numbers 0-10
Next Door Numbers 11-20 Level 1
Next Door Numbers 11-20 Level 2
Next Door Numbers 21-30
Next Door Numbers 31-40
Next Door Numbers 41-50
Ladder Climb
Missing Number Puzzles
Counting Strips
Before and After 1-10
Before and After 11-20
Before and After 21-30
Before and After 31-40
Aliens Counting

Matching Number Trains Version 1
Matching Number Trains Version 2
Numerals and Dots
Dots and Numerals 1-6
Dots and Numerals 7-12
Digit Match 1-10
Digit Match 11-20
Number Writing Rhymes
Number Board +1 -1
Number Board +2 - 2
Go Fish Teen Numbers
Roll and Write 1-6
Roll and Write 7-12
Missing Number Puzzles
Apple Flash
Dot Flash

Building Apartments (Dot Patterns)
Building Apartments (Numerals)
Rolla Square
Picking Up Pennies
Number Jigsaws to 10
Catch the Goat
Climb the Giraffe's Neck
Get to 10 Ladybugs
Get to 10 Spiders
Get to 10 Snowmen
Get to 10 Pumpkins
Get to 20 Dinosaurs
Get to 20 Snowmen
Get to 20 Children
Up and Down the Ocean
Same but Different 1-3
Same but Different 1-6
Same but Different 1-9
Winter Time
Trick or Treat
Down on the Farm
Summer Fun
Happy Valentine's Day
Big Band Wolf
Race to 20
Lady Beetles
Roll and Find Dots to 6
Roll and Find Dots 6-10

Building Apartments (Dot Patterns)
Building Apartments (Numerals)
Bears, Bears, Bears 1-6
Bears, Bears, Bears 5-10
Dots on Dice to 6
Dots on Dice 6-10
Numerals and Dots 6-10 (5/10 Frames)
Numerals and Dots to 6
Teddy Match 1-5
Teddy Match 1-10
5 Frames
5 Frames (See and Write)
Ten Frame Dots
Ten Frames and Finger Patterns
Matching Matching Version 1
Matching Matching Version 2
Ten Frames Go Fish

Colored Ten Frame Match and Write
Colored Ten Frame Matching Pairs

My Addition Story Problem Drawing and Number Sentence
My Subtraction Story Problem and Number Sentence
Number Board +1 -1
Number Board +2 -2
Roll to Zero (from 5)
Roll to Zero (from 10)

Join Together Result Unknown (from 5)
Join Together Result Unknown (to 10)

Five in a Row
The Part Still Hiding

Making 10 with a 10 Frame
Shaking 10 on the Ten Frame
Missing Something

How Many More to Make 5?
Shaking 5 on the Five Frame

Teen Number Match
Teen Numbers

How Long is It?
How Heavy is It?
Sorting Heavy and Light
Sorting Long and Short

Longer or Shorter Names
Longer Shorter Measurement Hunt

Barrier Game 2D Shapes
Barrier Game 3D Shapes


Shape Sort

Guess the Shape 2D Shapes
Guess the Shape 3D Shapes

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