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Grade K Mathematics Vocabulary Resources

Grade K Mathematics Vocabulary Resources


The Grade K Vocabulary Card Packet of downloadable resources is designed to:

  • build students’ ability to use the appropriate Math words in context with meaning
  • deepen students’ understanding of the meaning of specific Math terms
  • be utilized as a “living” and “changing” classroom resource according to each Math unit, to further students’ Math writing skills

This packet contains a number of key resources to further build students’ Mathematics vocabulary. Two valuable resources are included in this packet:

1.   A set of 110 Mathematics vocabulary cards

  • These attractive and time-saving cards need to be printed on oak tag and laminated for a Kindergarten Math vocabulary card set that will last year from year.
  • Each card has the word and corresponding illustration. Students can collaboratively create their own definition cards with peers or the teacher to match each word, ensuring student ownership.
  • Each card has a specifically colored border indicating its Common Core domain.
  • Many of the cards are illustrated with photos and pictures (as opposed to using all pictures) to ensure real-world connections are able to be made by students, particularly English as Second Language Learners.
  • Their uses are many eg in building current Word Walls, Guided Math activities and games.
2.     My Mathematics Dictionary
  • To ensure student ownership and independence in learning the new words and utilizing them in their Math writing, we offer an individual student’s Mathematics Dictionary. Please print the pages back to back for each student set and staple together. It is useful to print two per student, one for in-class and one for sending home.
  • Students can use this dictionary in a number of ways:
    • as a useful in-class reference tool when writing during the Share component of the lesson
    • as a reinforcement of Math word wall words, students can highlight the relevant word in their dictionary and draw an illustration to match. Space beside each word has been allowed for this pictorial/word connection
    • as a homework tool. It can be copied and sent home with each child as a useful home reference
    • adding their own Math words to their dictionary. Spaces have been allowed in each section for students to add their own words as they discover them in their learning.

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